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Gentle Yoga For Over 50s Fridays 11am @ Warriewood SLSC

I've been teaching this class for 13 weeks now and am receiving such wonderful feedback from my students in this Over 50s Yoga Class. I thought I'd share a few things that my students have said to me lately:

"I've done a lot of yoga over the years and I've felt bored and just a number in my previous classes. But, since I've been doing yoga with you at the Warriewood SLSC, I've absolutely loved every minute of the class! The class flows so smoothly from one pose to the next, the poses are never boring and the hour seems to go so quickly, I leave feeling I want more. Thank you so much for your teachings". (Carolynn, H. October, 2020)

"I always feel as though I can do the poses that you teach us, I never feel that it's beyond me and I'm comfortable in the class". (Alison, C. October, 2020)

"I love your classes, Suzie. I like it when you say listen to your body and do what feels right for you today, which may be different from last week". (Sally, O. October, 2020)

"My upper back is becoming very stiff as I get older but when I practise yoga with Suzie I always feel so much better". (Sue, B. October, 2020)

I'm so pleased that my students are getting so much out of the classes, seeing them develop confidence, peace and of course, making new friends is lovely to witness.

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