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As Term 3 Draws to a Close...

I feel so grateful to be able to teach yoga and dance in the beautiful new space of the Mona Vale SLSC! It has been a whirlwind of adjustments, new students, lots of laughs and even a few tears this term. Some of my students have had moments where they have been able to let go emotionally during traumatic and difficult times, and have used the yoga poses to create some emotional space by letting go of negativity and difficulties to make room for new beginnings. I have been so pleased to be able to help with this.

I personally have also been going through an emotional and everchanging time in my life with the sudden and significant onset of perimenopausal symptoms. With hot flashes, cold flashes, sleepless nights and mood swings, I have had a challenging time but am grateful for the advice and conversations that I have had with some of my beautiful students who have gone through the same stage. I can't thank these women enough for their input, support and words of encouragement.

Our community is growing! By the end of the term I had about 45 students attending regular weekly classes! It has been exciting and enjoyable getting to know the newer members of the Studio 5 Mona Vale dance and yoga community.

A message to my new students, "Thank you for trusting me to guide you through each class in a way that made you feel comfortable and able to try new things in both yoga and dance". I always aim to teach in a way that allows each pose to be accessible and that all levels are catered for. The range of students from absolute beginners to those who have dabbled in yoga in the past to yogis who have been practising for many years, has been delightful and thought provoking for me as a teacher.

Helping a new student feel comfortable in their first-ever yoga class is a privilege and a responsibility. Encouraging a love of yoga is such an important part of my teachings. I love hearing stories about my students who have begun their own home practice since beginning yoga with me as a student. I am also hearing feedback from students who are using the Zoom recordings, and that they are enjoying them and like practising again during the week at home when they get a chance.

I hope everyone has a wonderful two week break over the school holidays and I look forward to another term of yoga and dance with you in Term 4!

Enrolments are now open so please hop onto the website and register your interest.



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