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A wonderful start in our new space!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Watching the new Mona Vale SLSC develop into its' grandiose form has been an exciting time for locals and our Studio 5 Mona Vale community. So many of my students and clients have been talking about how beautiful the building looks from the outside and couldn't wait to see the internal finishings.

From my first sneak-peek viewing, I was mesmerised by the luscious timber and glass finishings that created a soothing space for yoga.

The floor to ceiling glass separating the inside from the oceanfront provides an uninterrupted view to the surfers, swimmers, dolphins and sometimes whales! Not to mention the infinite sense of space that is created as you look out to sea.

In my first evening yoga class, we were met by a dramatic lightning show during our yoga practice, which made me feel that we were in a very special place full of life and at one with the natural elements.

To match this, on our second yoga class, we were entertained by a pod of dolphins riding through the waves during our standing warrior poses.

These were very special first classes, a kind of initiation ceremony that made us feel welcome in the beautiful sacred space.

With many new students joining the classes, extra sessions have been added to the weekly timetable. There are now 3 yoga offerings each week on Tuesdays at 6.30pm for a General Yoga Class, Wednesdays 11.30am Gentle Yoga and Thursdays at 11am Gentle Yoga.

With the amazing sound system built-in to the function hall, I have pursued my passion of dance and started a Jazz Beginner Adult Dance Class on Tuesdays at 10am! This is a lively, upbeat and energetic class where students learn basic jazz technique and a short routine each class. This class is growing in popularity with a range of students from absolute beginner to those returning to dance after a break! We do have some spots left in the class so please get in touch if you would like to join us for a great Jazz Beginner Dance Class in this space that is perfect for dance!

For more information on classes, please email:

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