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Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Since completing the Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage Module at Nature Care College, I've become inspired to nurture and care for Pregnant and Post Natal women through massage therapy during this unique time in their lives.

Pregnancy Massage has so many benefits such as:

* calming the nervous system;

* promoting body awareness and good posture;

* promoting relaxation and reducing cortisol levels, reducing stress on the baby;

* improving blood flow to all areas;

* improving lymphatic circulation and assisting with oedema; and

* supporting the joints and muscles as the body moves through the stages of pregnancy.

The importance of Post-Natal Massage cannot be overlooked as it is a time of readjustment and change for women. Post-Natal Massage has many benefits and some are listed below:

* calming effect on the nervous system;

* a positive effect in regulating hormones, reducing risk of postnatal depression;

* allowing one to breathe and be in the body;

* relieving the musculoskeletal stress from birth and promote musculoskeletal realignments;

* providing nurturing and support for mum.

Sixty minute Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage Sessions are offered at Studio 5 Mona Vale. Book your appointment online: or call Suzie on 0421 832 416 to discuss any questions you may have.

I've been working with some pregnant women at various stages of their pregnancy and they love the benefits they are getting from regular treatments.

Feel comfortable, supported and relaxed with a massage therapist who has specialised training in Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage.

Suzie x

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