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Magical Meditation

Today was our first one hour dedicated Meditation Class!

We started off with correct posture alignment and observing the body.

Next, was some concentrated breathing, visualising our breath entering and leaving our body. Then some specific pranayama, Nadi Sodhana and Bramari.

Child pose was used to release tension in the spine whilst we listened to the beautiful sound of the Tibetan Singing Bowl.

Focusing on the backs of the eyelids helped steady the mind and give it a specific focus. Using numbers to count back from 10 made it easy to concentrate on turning our awareness inwards.

A block, blanket and cushion were then used to support the back, neck and shoulders in savasana...this was a beautifully relaxing way to rest the body and prepare it for Yoga Nidra.

Students enjoyed the floating visualisation that took them out of their bodies and into a peaceful place by the ocean.

Our meditation class concluded with the soothing chant of Om.

Some of the students were new to Meditation and loved the class because of it's completely rejuvenating and relaxing quality.

Whether you're new to meditation or want to resume your practice, come and try our Meditation Class on Thursdays between 4 and 5pm to learn some different techniques. Some techniques may suit you better personally than others and that's why it's great to learn a variety. You will soon be confident and motivated to practise at home by yourself unaided. Create a little bit of bliss everyday with Meditation!

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