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Hatha yoga is a foundation style of yoga incorporating strengthening postures when standing, sitting and lying in both prone and supine.  Feel your body become stronger, develop muscle tone and develop a calm mind.


Meditation techniques help create space in the mind, calm the nervous system and help the practitioner feel clearer, more joyful and less reactive to stressful situations.


Yin yoga incorporates long holds for between 1-5 minutes and stillness in each pose. Yin postures encourage softening of the connective tissue to release tension all throughout the body. Yin can be a very relaxing practice but is also intense at the same time.

Tuesday 6pm

General Class

This general yoga class is suitable for mixed abilities. With variations provided in each pose to suit a range of levels, you can work at your own individual pace, make improvements when you feel that you would like to and challenge yourself when you're keen to do so!


Restorative yoga supports the body through the use of  props to encourage restoration and rejuvenation of tired muscles. It also helps promote sleep and calms the nervous system.

Thursday 11am

Gentle Yoga Class

This Gentle Yoga Class is suitable for beginners, those with restrictions, students returning to yoga after a break or students wanting a gentle practise.

Variations are provided in each pose to offer you three different levels of challenge.


Pranayama means breathing technique or practice. You will learn a variety of pranayama techniques throughout the term including: nadi sodhana (alternate nostril breathing), bramari (humming bee breath), kapalabhati (energising breath), and more!

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