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Yoga in the Greek Islands

Exploring the Greek Islands and revisiting the islands I worked on in my early 20s has been a wonderful experience.

In stark contrast to my earlier experiences of Greek Island Life, working in nightclubs and hospitality, partying all night and drinking way too much alcohol, I am now appreciating Greece for its authenticity, beauty, ruggedness and imperfections.

Travelling around the islands with my husband for 4 weeks is an experience that I will cherish forever.

Exploring archaeological sites, remote villages and beaches, driving hire cars around windy, steep and mountainous roads, hiking steep mountains, eating fresh Greek produce and of course practising yoga daily, has been absolutely paradisal.

So far we have visited Santorini, Naxos, Paros, Antiparos and currently we are in Serifos!

Each island presents different offerings and each seems more beautiful than the last! I'm not sure if we will get better than Serifos as it is absolutely perfect with it's traditional cubed buildings, stunning beaches, pristine water, rugged landscapes and crowd less population.

Couldn't resist a photo opportunity during yesterday's rooftop yoga session 😉.

If you're interested in exploring the Greek Islands, do not miss Serifos!!

If you're keen to learn yoga, we have new courses commencing in Term 3 at the Mona Vale SLSC and bookings are now open!

Tuesdays 6pm

Wednesdays 11.30am

Thursdays 11am

Remedial and Pregnancy Massages resuming 27th June!

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!


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