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Yin and Pins Classes at Studio 5 Mona Vale

Rachel Pavitt and I had the pleasure of holding our first Yin and Pins Class together at Studio 5 Mona Vale on Sunday, June 16th. Our intention for the class was to activate and clear the Kidney and Urinary Bladder Meridians which relate to the Water element and Winter.

Our Yin postures involved long holds of between 2 and 5 minutes with bolsters, blankets and blocks for additional support and comfort. Whilst activating these meridians we also brought awareness to pranayama (breathing practices) and meditations to release fear and anxiety. The final 30 minutes of the class involved a long relaxation in savasana, acupuncture by Rachel with guided pranayama and a beautiful visualisation.

The class was such a success that we have booked our next Yin and Pins class at the Warriewood SLSC on July 28th, starting at 2pm.

Listen to the sounds of the ocean and watch the sea as you meditate and practise Yin Yoga.

Tickets are available on the website:

Places are limited to 15 students. Cost $50.

Suzie Taylor

Studio 5 Mona Vale

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